Welcome. This being my first blog I think there are some things you should know.

  • First off, I’m obsessed with food- creating food, eating food, growing food, talking about food & naturally, playing with my food.
  • With that said… I’m talking about good food, food that makes you squirm in adoration, smile & fiend for another bite.
  • Okay, so now your wondering: what exactly does she mean; good food?

Good food is something we’re all wired for. It nourishes us, satisfies us & gives us something to look forward to everyday. As humans, getting good food is essential & this blog has been created to bring you just that: ambrosia, food of the gods!

If you aren’t familiar with me aside from this blog, I am a student, a daughter, a lover & a chef…with a long way to go! Currently, I attend the University of Rhode Island, majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics and minoring in Sustainable Agriculture.

If you can’t tell already, I have a passion for food & how it impacts the quality of life. My blog is here to serve as a collection of recipes & pictures, (some of which my brother or boyfriend have taken) that hopefully, will stimulate a lasting conversation between those of you who follow it. I would love to hear from you & thank you for signing up to follow me on this culinary journey!


§ 3 Responses to About

  • Bob Neill says:

    After reading your blog on Italy, I now have this yearning to eat my way through it. Very good article and looking forward to reading more!!!

  • David says:


    Your “rustic tomato sauce” was delicious on roasted homemade bread sprinkled with romano cheese!

  • dinacontenti says:

    My goodness you are one smart cookie. No pun intended :). I knew that anyway before reading your blog. I can’t wait to sit and spend time on your site!
    Ciao Bella!

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