A Short Time in Santorini, Greece

October 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

For those of you who don’t like to read (or don’t like to read my writing) this post is for you. Santorini was bittersweet. It was the last island we visited, so to maximize what we saw, we spent our time AVT-ing around the island. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted some of our (Shann and my) best pictures of Oia, so most of these picture are from Thira, the island’s main town. But, Oia was like nothing I’ve ever seen; a small city crowded with cafes, restaurants, eclectic art shops, homes of  locals and (my highlight) an aged Greek woman selling plump figs. My favorite part of the town was Ammoudi bay, a hidden inlet at the base of steep rocks that separated the village from the ocean. Ammoudi bay was dotted with seafood restaurants selling the freshest fish imaginable, bright boats, electric blue water and an incomparable view of the sunset.

Anyway, I’ll stop now. Keep in mind that Santorini was, at one point, a volcano. Enjoy the pictures.

Yes, that is a donkey.

Here, at “Moma’s”, we had fava dip with capers, fried tomato balls and the infamous Santorini salad (like a Greek salad with no greens and lots of capers).

A long distance shot of Oia, from Thira.

The “red sand” beach.


Ammoudi Bay

The north eastern side of Santorini, a small village in Oia.

Exactly two weeks until I’m in Turino, Italy savoring Slow Food’s international Terra Madre conference! IF you have any tips or suggestions for what I should see while visiting the Piemonte (foot of the mountain in Italian) region please let me know.


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  • paul says:

    Looking at windmill picture in the village of Oia…, just here to say that doing stonework on a hill like that = freaky stuff. I had a stone roll up on me working on hill not even half that steep and I still have a frikkin scar from it.

    I have to say: some of the cleanest blue green water I’ve ever seen! And while I’m keeping in mind that Santorini was a volcano, I’ll just say that all these pics are AMAZING. All best on the Italy travels!

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