Flavors of Spring in the Backyard

May 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Finally finished with exams, my brain is free to wonder and to think creatively. Already I can tell this is going to be a summer full of good eats and of learning. Today, walking from my exam to my car I stumbled upon a humble hen of the woods, like I said, this is going to be a good summer (who is lucky enough to stumble upon edible mushrooms!?).

Hen of the woods are delicious breaded then pan fried. Be sure you wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt that has been embedded in the gills.

After a few days of much needed rain (and studying) the chatter of birds and the slightest brightening of the sky drew me outside to see what had come of the spring showers.

Chive flowers are edible, but be forewarned, they do taste like chives, maybe even a bit stronger. Toss them in a Cool Avocado and Chive Flower Salad with mixed lettuces, nuts, avocado and some micro greens.

This hearty, yet remarkably tiny, sage bush survived the winter.

Radish greens inter-planted with Russian kale seedlings.

Looks like what was planted has finally taken off. As for the sage, that will make its way right into some brown butter soon enough. Interrupting the cheery birds with his loud screech, our domineering (this is a nice way to put it, he has now attacked all of us) rooster sounded anxious to get out of his coop so I went to see what was going on.

Almost one year old, this laying hen is a Rhode Island Red.

You see, we’ve had to keep them in the coop lately because they get in the garden and yank up all the seedlings. So unless someone is supervising, these feathery creatures are going to be in one place, and one place only. When it comes to the choosing homegrown vegetables, or freshly laid eggs the choice is easy – I’ll take vegetables any day. Despite the fact that they’ve been hanging out on their branches in the coop a bit more than usual, they are still laying.

Well, less than one week until we’re (Shann and I) off to Israel and Greece. Now that will be an adventure.


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§ One Response to Flavors of Spring in the Backyard

  • paul says:

    These are some great pictures…, I totally want one of those mushrooms–and that sage bush has a definite story to tell.

    Today, just as the rain was drying up and the sun was coming out, I went to work in this yard I’ve had a number of projects in and just at that second the wind picked up from the west and all these white petals from apple blossom flowers began blowing sideways like it was snowing. And the breeze was tickling the tips of my ears. It only lasted a few moments. I cleared a bunch of vines off that apple tree like 4-5 years ago. It seems that there are these staggering moments of experience and they pretty much happen everywhere all the time, and if there’s a trick, it’s to not be so caught up with all the nonsense it’s impossible to recognize those moments.

    Wow, Israel and Greece–that’s how to do a summer vacation. Have an awesome and amazing trip!

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