Preserved Meyer Lemons

April 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

If you’ve got some old Meyer lemons hanging around, rumor has is that this is the best way to use them before they become inedible. Preserved lemons are extremely popular in Moroccan cuisine for sauces, tagine & both cold and hot salads. Supposedly, they lend a sophisticated sweetness that varies based on how long you cook them. Meyer lemons are an ambrosial version of the lemon; sour with a confectionery zing.

In my dream life, I would have a little lemon tree right in my backyard so I could experience the balmy fragrance of these deep yellow orbs when they are at their finest- but for now, salted to savor for the future is just fine!

Preserving is easy. It only requires a couple of minutes & about a month for the lemons to brine. They can be kept in the pantry, but I keep them in the refrigerator just to ease my mind.

Preserved Meyer Lemons:

1 canning jar, i.e. Mason or Bell,  15-20 Meyer lemons &  grainy sea salt

Wash the lemons well. Add 3 Tbsp of salt to cover the bottom of the jar. Holding the lemon vertically, slice longitudinally into fourths, stopping before you reach the bottom of the lemon. Make sure to slice the lemons over a bowl in order to catch the juice. Pour about a teaspoon of salt into the middle of each partially sliced lemon. As you work, add each lemon to the jar, packing them as tight as possible. Layer salt between the lemons as you pack them in.  When the jar is full, pour in reserved juice & the juice of any lemons that couldn’t fit into the jar.

Seal the jar & store at room temperature or in the refrigerator. If a couple of weeks have passed & the lemons aren’t completely submerged in liquid, open the jar & add some more lemon juice. The lemons should be ready for use after about a month, but can last more than a year. I’ll add some recipes featuring the lemons as soon as mine are finished!

Until then, bon appetite.


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